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Accommodations Generator

Isn’t it just mindboggling to witness your child struggle in mathematics, and maybe even feel powerless to do anything to help? Is there support at your child’s school that may be untapped? 

What if there are adaptions that your children’s teachers can make that would ease their anxiety and support how they learn best? 

Introducing the latest concoction from the MFM laboratory, our accommodations generator! A short quiz (think, 4 minutes) creates a customized pdf for you. What you do with the accommodations is up to you! Maybe, you discover a handful of accommodations that have been left on the table and ask your school to apply them to your child. 

These accommodations support how your child learns best, while still continuing to learn the same content as other students, and here’s a big disclaimer! The report you receive is no substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

What we’re giving you is a starter pack that can spark further support in the classroom. We don’t want your kids to miss out on the accommodations that are readily available to them!