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The Multisensory way to add fractions in less than 9 minutes

Have you ever found it challenging to find common ground? And does this illuminate how we add fractions? Yet, who appears to be different, at first glance, may have some underlying commonality!





Common ground. What about in our relationships? How important is it to find a place that we share? A shared value, perspective…








Common ground unites us. When we don’t see the common ground, we forget that we’re all connected one way or another (this just got deep)!







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This is especially true when it comes to how to add fractions!

In today’s 9-minute math lesson, we clearly explain the importance of common denominators and common ground by putting two fractions together! This video is teeming with concise, palatable, and precise math language. Listen for these soundbites:

  • “They do share a name”
  • “Two of three total parts, its name is two-thirds.”
  • “Rename my ¼ in terms of 6ths.”

This is our bread and butter as a company.
Visuals, manipulatives, representations, moving to the abstract, all along, paced mindfully, and led with math vocabulary that makes sense..and sticks!

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What if this approach helps our students to see that they share common ground with some of the most exceptional people (We can dream, right)?

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What if, in approaching fractions in this gentle, momentum-building fashion, our children could see that they share the same beautiful minds, abilities, and capacities they see in others?

Ready to start your multisensory math intervention saga?

It all starts by watching our demo video where we show you what it all looks like at various grade levels. You’ll understand student, parent, and math specialist expectations. 

Watch the demo to learn how to get started with your math specialist today!

Watch the Math Lesson

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Matthew Lyda

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