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I found Meg Crayons one day randomly as I was browsing YouTube for good videos about dyscalculia.  Meg shares her real and raw story in the videos below, but also with us on the podcast today.  We dive deep into what school felt like for her, how anxiety blocked her ability to learn math, and how she arrived at the decision to become a teacher.

Today you’ll most likely be able to identify with Meg either for your child or yourself.

Meg Crayons-

  • Meg shares her story of having Dyscalculia as a kid and the uncomfortable and daunting moments with math in the classroom.
  • Through years of struggle in school with teachers and professors that didn’t understand her, she decided to become a teacher.
  • Her hope is to be that support for kids like her, so they don’t have to feel alone and struggle like she did.
  • If your child struggles in math and maybe even experiences Dyscalculia, know you are not alone!
  • You have done nothing wrong! Your child’s brain is just wired a little differently. They are unique!
  • Read as much as you can about Dyscalculia. Try to understand your child as much as you can.
  • Your child may need extra help such as tutoring, manipulatives, more time on tests and so forth. (Need help developing an IEP?  We can do that.)
  • Advocate for your child and be there for them! Help them learn how to advocate for themselves. Make it a positive thing!

We help students every day who have the very same struggles that Meg talks about.  We’re here to help!  If you’d like to schedule a free call to talk about your child and discover how we work with students, reach out on our contact page.

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Adrianne Meldrum

Adrianne Meldrum

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I’m the owner and creator of the math videos here at Math for Middles.  I’ve tutored students for over ten years.  When I am not creating here, you’ll find me down by the river with my family.  Interested in working with me?  Connect with me here.