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The Greatest FACTOR of all time! 11-minute intro to Greatest Common Factors

Have you ever done a trust fall? Does it involve one of the critical factors to a relationship’s success? 








What about factors in winning a soccer match? Ponder Fear Factor, X-Factor, oh all the factors!
What is the greatest of all the factors?

Allow us to introduce you to (drum roll) the Greatest Common Factor!





This 11-minute math lesson will be dedicated to the greatest of all factors! In math, it is lovingly referred to as the Greatest Common Factor or (GCF).

Click here for an application of GCF! 

If you feel like your child is caught in a vicious math cycle, with no clue how to get them out, or long for their confidence to soar, this type of instruction could be a factor in success! What you will see in this video is the kind of gentle, paced, visual, methodical instruction that makes us Made For Math!

A common factor that we all share is that we need teachers and helpers in order to grow. Click “play” and enjoy the patient introduction. You can trust us. 

Watch the Lesson

Ready to start your multisensory math intervention saga?

It all starts by watching our demo video where we show you what it all looks like at various grade levels. You’ll understand student, parent, and math specialist expectations. 

Watch the demo to learn how to get started with your math specialist today!

MFM Authors

Matthew Lyda

Matthew Lyda

Multisensory Math Specialist

Matthew is a Blue Belt in Shotokan Karate, a happy husband, wilderness lover, drummer, and a voracious reader! He works with students one:one as well as in group classes. 

Dirk Broadhead

Dirk Broadhead

Multisensory Math Specialist

Dirk is a student at Utah State University pursuing a degree in Statistics. He enjoys playing any sport, exploring the outdoors, reading and playing the piano. He works with students one:one.