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How to find the surface area of a rectangular prism plus NCTM

How do we find the surface area of a 3-dimensional object? What is the surface area of a rectangular prism? How does one approach such math quandaries without languishing in the pit of despair and self-loathing?







Are these not the questions that keep us awake at night? That flood our conversations? Ok, maybe not! But that doesn’t mean they aren’t crucial for our kids and their math classes 🙂 We’ve spent time finding the area of a rectangle. If you haven’t watched that lesson, then pause, and go HERE.

Now, it’s time to move from 2-dimensions to three dimensions!










In less than 12 minutes, Amy teleports us to the 3-dimensional world of the surface area of rectangular prisms! Along with this, she illuminates an incredible tool the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has available. Check it out here.

So what are you waiting for! It’s time for multidimensional travel








Click play, and enjoy mathematical education!

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Matthew Lyda

Matthew Lyda

Multisensory Math Specialist

Matthew is a Blue Belt in Shotokan Karate, a happy husband, wilderness lover, drummer, and a voracious reader! He works with students one:one as well as in group classes. 

Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

Multisensory Math Specialist; VP of Grades 7-12

Amy is a certified teacher with a Masters in Education and a Bachelor of Arts. She enjoys photographing the Pacific Northwest landscapes, walking her dog, rock climbing, and searching for humpback whales.