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I’ve been following Adrienne Hedger for the past few years and I can always count on her to make me laugh.  She’s the mother of two teenagers and always seems to find the humor in these tough years.  I knew I had to get her on the podcast!

I’m excited to share also that we’re working on a cartoon collaboration due out later this year.  It will be about math of course!

Adrienne Hedger’s Tips to Finding the Humor in Raising Teens:

  • Step back from the stressful moment and observe the situation for finding humor
  • Try to live and interact with your teen in a way that is a little more light-hearted and fun. Your teen may not always show that they approve, but deep down, they will love it.
  • To connect with your teen remember that their interest may not be your interest, but try to get interested in what they are, especially the funny things.
  • Find things that you can all watch together and enjoy together.  Some of our favorites:  The Office, The Goldbergs, Parks n’ Rec, and Studio C (found on YouTube)
  • Especially, watching funny things, like clean stand up comedians (like Jim Gaffigan) or other comedy shows can really bring you and your teens together.


Pretending there’s a camera in your house might relieve some tension!


Adrienne’s Middle School Moment:

The Get Him System– A sure way system that Adrienne bought as a teen to snatch up the boy of her dreams.


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We discovered we both love Studio C.

If you haven’t found it yet, you’ve got to check it out!  Clean comedy the whole family can enjoy.  The video below is an entire parody about Breaking Bad and instead of meth…it’s math addiction.  wink

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Adrianne Meldrum

Adrianne Meldrum

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I’m the owner and creator of the math videos here at Math for Middles.  I’ve tutored students for over ten years.  When I am not creating here, you’ll find me down by the river with my family.  Interested in working with me?  Connect with me here.