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5 Fun Dyscalculia and Dyslexia Books for Children

Does your child struggle in school? Brain-wiring differences like dyscalculia and dyslexia can often leave your child with a ‘hidden workload’ that teachers and parents don’t always see or understand. Gary and Maths, written by Bridget Mather-Scott and her son Will,...

Mastering Math Facts: 4 Research-Backed Techniques

Mastering Math Facts: 4 Research-Backed Techniques

Is your student facing challenges with math facts? Join Made for Math's CEO, Adrianne Meldrum, and Operations Manager, Heather Brand, as they chat with Dr. Eugenie Kestel, a researcher and educator with a passion for supporting students with learning differences, as...

Subtraction Doubles

Subtraction Doubles (Lesson 2.5)Instructions: OBJECTIVE: Practice subtraction doubles! Click to spin and type in the answer provided in the box below. Click the check mark to see if you got it right! If you did not get it right, type a new answer and click the red x...

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