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4 Successful Dyscalculia Tools and Techniques for Educators

Join us as our CEO, Adrianne Meldrum, engages in an enlightening conversation with two remarkable experts, Giannis Karagiannakis and Marie-Pascale Noël, as they share their profound insights and groundbreaking strategies from their latest book. Table of ContentsMeet...

5 Fun Dyscalculia and Dyslexia Books for Children

Does your child struggle in school? Brain-wiring differences like dyscalculia and dyslexia can often leave your child with a ‘hidden workload’ that teachers and parents don’t always see or understand. Gary and Maths, written by Bridget Mather-Scott and her son Will,...

Mastering Math Facts: 4 Research-Backed Techniques

Mastering Math Facts: 4 Research-Backed Techniques

Is your student facing challenges with math facts? Join Made for Math's CEO, Adrianne Meldrum, and Operations Manager, Heather Brand, as they chat with Dr. Eugenie Kestel, a researcher and educator with a passion for supporting students with learning differences, as...

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