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Ruth, Math Specialist

 Ruth works with Margo twice a week online for 1 hour.  She uses multisensory math techniques to engage Margo.

Margo dolphin

Margo, 6th Grader

Margo loves to dance and travel to interesting places with her family.

About this Student:

  • Name:  Margo J.
  • Grade:  6th
  • School:  Public
  • Struggles:  Short attention span
  • Strengths:  Seeing the big picture
  • Dance diva 100% 100%
  • Funny gal 90% 90%
  • Surprised her self 100% 100%

*Shared with permission from Margo’s parents.

What problems was Margo experiencing before you decided to try MFM?

She was generally confused by the lessons at school and felt overwhelmed. This led to many tear filled night due to frustration.


Why did you select MFM over regular tutoring available near you?

#1-Adrianne!  I was looking for inspiration and stumbled upon a podcast with Adrianne describing exactly what we were experiencing at home. I shared the podcast with my husband, then contacted Math for Middles the following day. 

#2- Big box tutoring is frustrating!  We have tried in person tutoring in the past. To be honest, getting someone to show up consistently has been a struggle, and the big box math tutoring companies (Sylvan, Kumon) do not have the personalized, convenient approach that we so desperately needed. 

How did Ruth help Margo to experience small wins like this?

Margo’s answer:  “Ruth simplifies everything.”

Margo’s 4th and 5th grade teacher (the same teacher both years) did not teach math. When she started 6th grade, Margo felt hopelessly lost in math.

Ruth helps Margo feel capable and so much more confident! She helps with the daily homework, as well as working to ‘fill in the gaps’ Margo has from those lost years. Most of all, she somehow makes it fun! 


What are your goals for Margo as she continues in her math studies?

Margo’s answer:  “Pass math class. Ha ha!” 

My goals for Margo:

1. To continue to stay on top of her math skills in class

2. To get a better understanding of math fundamentals AKA-‘filling the gaps’

3. My lofty goal is to work over the summer on the upcoming 7th grade math skills so that Margo is ahead when she goes back         to school in late August. Another positive: she can tutor anywhere, even when we are out of town on vacation. 

Can we help your child have a better relationship with math?  Reach out to us via email:  hello@madeformath.com or check out all our online math services featuring the multisensory math method which you can learn about here: madeformath.com/services