Number Sense

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Coins & Kids: 6-Minutes lesson +  3 FREE activities!

Coins & Kids: 6-Minutes lesson + 3 FREE activities!

What do you hope for your child when they leave the nest? What about money sense? Activities like sorting, skip counting, and building quantities with coins are a great starting line for our younglings! What if there was a 6-minute math lesson that could do just that?

Subtraction Secrets: How to subtract without regrouping

Inspired by Dr. Raj Shah, at a conference for the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), lace up your boots, set out into the fierce wilderness of working with numbers flexibly! Bucking the establishment…can you feel a subtraction revolution?

Try This Simple Trick for Number Reversals

Number reversals are a big part of our students lives but this simple trick has stopped reversals in it's tracks! We offer all online math services featuring the multisensory math method which you can learn about here:   Adrianne: Hi,...