Money Camp


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NOTE: A minimum of 4 students is required for this class to run. If you see only “3 Student Openings”, this means this class is vulnerable to being canceled. We’ll let you know 7 days before class starts if we don’t have enough students to run the class. To prevent a class from being canceled, we recommend sharing this class with friends so it can run! Thanks.

Money Camp
Price: $175
Schedule: 9 am pacific
Tues/Thurs July 21, 23, 28, and 30
Money can be hard to grasp for many of our students. In this class, we’ll learn the names of each coin and their value, coin exchange, along with adding and subtracting money.

We’ll group students according to age so even older students (middle and high) are welcome to join.

Families will need to gather a set of coins but real fake money will be mailed to the student.

All materials included!
Last day to enroll is May 25, 2020