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Did you know that students who are wired differently are at risk of losing most of the progress they’ve made this last school year?

Yep, it’s true! With COVID-19 recovery, we’ve got the makings of large losses this summer. Unlike the remote learning you’ve experienced this spring, we’re experts at online learning. We’ve been teaching students online since 2016 and we use the latest research to teach students math.

Each camp features:

  • Compacted time frames
  • Small group sizes of 4 – 6 students (individual lessons are available)
  • An evaluation to identify the best starting point
  • All the materials needed to be successful in the lessons
  • Binder with graphic organizers
  • Manipulatives
  • Dry erase markers
  • Access to the math specialist via email/text

Our camps are grouped by skills/content which means class might adjust slightly for group depending on what our evaluation reveals as the best starting point for each group.

Once all of the students in the groups are assessed, we’ll curate a box of materials just for them and you’ll have them one week before class starts! The cost of the assessment is included in the camp. It’s a quick skills test. That’s all.

Below you’ll see which classes are available. Additional classes will be added as demand increases until we fill all of our math specialists’ schedules.


How to Sign Up

  • Click on the skill/content class
  • Pay the registration fee
  • Fill out the new student form
  • Sign up for an evaluation
  • And you’re done!

Looking for Solo Lessons? Scroll to the bottom.

Skill/Content Classes

Time and Money Camps

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Math Facts Camps

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Addition & Subtraction

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Additional Math Camps

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Multi-Digit Multiplication

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Middle School (6th-8th)

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Algebra 1 Prep

Solo Lessons at MFM

This section is for solo lessons only. The information below does not apply to camps.

It’s for students who need one:one attention. Thank you!

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Current Students


Current students will schedule with their specialist directly for solo lessons this summer. If you’re ready to proceed, please use the button below.

This is a package of 12 hours to use anytime between June and August, 2020.

For our families that have siblings, you can share packages. If you need more/less time than 12 hours, just let us know! Email us at

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New Students


If you’re new to MFM, all students working with us will need to complete a comprehensive assessment before starting to work with a specialist. We have limited space for new students at this time. Please check with us on availability at