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The LUCKY division lesson for beginners in just 10 minutes

 Forget the “luck of the Irish,” 4-leaf clovers, leprechauns, or even this cute little St. Paddy Kitty!







Nothing works! Absolutely nothing has been able to help our kids out of the “broke down” feeling when it comes to Division! Have you ever felt this way?

For many kids, the concept of Division ends up leaving them with a sense of being divided within themselves! And honestly, we’ve seen that pain spill over to parents and the rest of the family. That’s right. When one child struggles in math, parents often find themselves in their own inner-turmoil, watching their loved ones spin their wheels.







Does a 4th-Century Irish Saint have anything to say on this topic?









Excuse me. Say what? I thought we were talking about mathematics?

Ok, so I didn’t find any records of St. Patrick’s numeracy maladies, but he did know what it felt like to be stuck! And I quote Ireland’s saint, “I know for certain…I was like a stone lying in deep mire.” 

Like a boulder stuck in the muck. Well, you’ve heard it from Saint Patrick himself! When it comes to math homework, test scores, and the concept of Division, can anyone else relate?











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Is there any luck that our mathematical life could green a bit into a joyful experience? Is there any fortune we could approach Division from a more chill perspective?

Sort answer, Yes! The longer answer, Yeeeeeeeeeeeees.
Seriously though, there are multiple symbols used in Division, which can be confusing. In ten minutes, my explicit language, friendly numbers, multiple representations like number lines & hundreds boards move us out of the muck of confusion and set us on solid ground.

Up Next: Long Division

And what’s the best thing about a solid foundation? You can dance on it! What if our kids approached math from a happier perspective?












But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! First, have you watched part one? Start here for more visuals and manipulatives! The 10-Minute Turkey Division will benefit every kid! Maybe it’s time to move from being broken down in Division to rolling the windows down and enjoying the winds of change! Confidence and success, here we come!









Click “Play,” and let’s ease our kids into the foundational concept of Division. Maybe there’s a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

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Matthew Lyda

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