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Childhood is too short to struggle in school.

Math anxiety is no fun. Ditch the tears.

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Our math intervention program can get your child back on track. We are more than just a tutoring company. Click here to see what makes us different. 

Solo Lessons: 30 or 60 min lessons at $135 per hour

Is Multisensory Math the right fit for your child? Take the quiz to find out!

We don’t just care about grades.

We care about your child.

Is Multisensory Math the right fit for your child? Take the quiz to find out!

We serve students with Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, "2e" Twice Exceptional and other learning differences.

More than 10,000 hours of hands-on lessons delivered online.

More than 2 grade-levels gained in 9 months of online lessons.


Research-based methodology to work with your child's strengths. We're more than a tutoring company.

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Is Multisensory Math the right fit for your child? Take the quiz to find out!

June 2022 – May 2023

Student Hours Goal

Each year, the MFM team sets a goal to help students thrive in math. To date, we’ve done over 10,000+ hours of teaching. This year’s goal is an ambitious one!

4,444 hours

*this graph updates in real-time

Hear from Families We Work With

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Recently we made the decision to move our girls to a new school which affected our schedule at Made for Math. 
Yesterday, I was talking to both of my girls and they both brought up that the one thing they were upset about if we made this change:  they don’t want to go a week without doing MFM.
Even though they are attending a new school moving forward, they both expressed wanting to figure out how to continue to meet with Brittany and Heather.
It was like an out-of-body experience during that conversation. I was like, “Am I actually talking to my kids about using MATH as an elective in their spare time?” It’s 100% because of what they were taught here at MFM.
One of them was so excited to get on the call yesterday to let Brittany know that she did better than any other kid in her school with math. It’s just amazing and thank you for all your help with this!
Alex Charfen

Parent of Two Students at MFM

Jeanie Budge

My kiddo has made all kinds of progress since starting multisensory math with MFM. I’m talking progress in things he has struggled with for YEARS!! He now ENJOYS and even LOOKS FORWARD to math instead of thinking he hated math. Thank you for restoring my kid’s confidence and helping him know he CAN be successful in math.

Jeanie Budge
Collette Brunson

My older son was struggling in math and we were fearful of summer school when we came across MFM. Through working with the team 3 times a week, we were able to get him a passing grade. It was amazing and we continued on into the summer. If you have a struggling child, I highly recommend this program. They truly do care.

Collette Brunson
Melanie Jones

MFM has been an amazing blessing during Covid-19 quarantine. Matthew is a wonderful teacher and MFM makes online delivery of instruction easily equal to or better than in-person instruction. Love the small, focused classes and all of the manipulatives.

Melanie Jones
Wendy Bertagnole

We had such a great experience with MFM this summer. While my son wasn’t struggling with math, we wanted him to have really strong math skills heading into sixth grade. He went from avoiding math homework before starting this course, to now he enjoys it, it feels doable for him and he feels like he is really good at math. I love how this has helped boost his skills and confidence.

Wendy Bertagnole
Lisa Cliften

MFM is amazing! Piper has worked so well with my daughter. As of this morning, she has an A! Thank, thank, thank you MFM. You have saved us from virtual summer school.

Lisa Cliften
Cadey Charfen

You have saved our math homeschooling lives. Both of our girl’s confidence in math is way up since working with MFM. Thanks a million.

Cadey Charfen

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