About Our Method

Clutter-Free and Compassionate
Radiant and Research-Based.
This is us.



Made for Math is a mash-up of Marie Kondo’s simplicity, Ellen Degeneras’ lightheartedness, and Marilyn Zecher’s mathematical genius.

This is us.

Here is what this alchemical mixture feels like to one student:

“He tricks me into doing something I don’t really want to do.” – MFM student

What is this Made For Math “trick?” You can taste it HERE in this Joyous & silly video. You can also hear eyewitnesses share their accounts of the Made For Math “Trick” and how it has worked for their families. Click here for the case studies. Students may feel like they are working with mathematical magicians, but there is a secret in our concoction of computation plus good cheer. It is a research-based methodology that infuses our planning and instruction, it’s a tried and true Multisensory Method. Let us distill it down to seven “we are” statements and the research undergirding each!

(1) We are “ANCIENT”

The Orton-Gillingham approach is direct, explicit, multisensory, structured, sequential, diagnostic, and prescriptive instruction. Orton (born 1879) and Gillingham (born 1878) are the founders of this attitude, and we are deeply influenced by them. We’re “ancient!” Ok, maybe not ancient, but very very old!

(2) We are “DESCENDENTS” of Mathematical Pioneers

Dr. Joyce Steeves and her math lesson plan along with Marilyn Zecher, M.A., CALT have trailblazed the path for our company. Very practically, every single lesson plan is guided by these two marvelous women!


Dr. Joyce Steves said, “workspaces should be well-organized”. These clutter-free lessons create space for joy, and the enjoyment is contagious. To quote “the doctor” again: “children who have positive feelings about math exert more effort, spend more time on task, and are more effective learners.”

(4) We are GROSS

Zecher says, “When the hands are engaged, so is the attention.” There is a strong connection between movement and math performance.


Dr. Judy Willis explains how the multisensory method and education serves memory and retrieval. Marilyn Zecher has more to say about this. For us, multisensory means we are CRA (Concrete – Representational – Abstract). The findings on the CRA approach are “quite promising…(with) marked improvement in all areas.”


Subitizing is the ability to instantly see ‘how many.” It underlies the development of numeration and calculation.


Our instructional stance of explicit and systematic instruction, in which we introduce concepts gradually, only unleashing students when they are “Likely to experience success on their own.” This is but a shred of the evidence of the mega-kindness that pervades MFM instruction.

In the words of Keala Settle and The Greatest Showman Ensemble, slightly tweaked,

“This is who (we’re) meant to be, this is (us)!”  












Not only are we Multisensory, but there are plenty of other things that sets us apart from the other tutoring companies. Click here to read how. 


Want more research on our multisensory method?!? Knock yourself out with this plethora of resources!