Multisensory Math

is Fundamentally Different.

See How.

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My kiddo has dyslexia and was 5-grade levels behind and in 9 months he was up to grade level! Now he’s in high school and doing GREAT in math!

The MFM team has been a literal godsend! My kid is almost finished with his math requirements to graduate, but he doesn’t want to quit Made for Math because he LOVES it so much! And the confidence and learning skills he’s gotten from MFM have helped him in all areas of school. We love you all!!

Jeanie Budge

Mother of Graduated Student at MFM

Multisensory Math Solo Lessons

What’s all included in Solo Lessons?

> Customized learning for your child.

> One-to-one sessions

> 30 or 60-minute sessions

> Each session recorded so you can see your child interacting with the method

> All multisensory math materials mailed to your home!

> No contract. Cancel at anytime.

> Rescheduling with a 24 hour notice.

No games with pricing. It’s right here.

$150 per hour.

$135.00* per hour

*new student promotion

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Sick of the same old song and dance

the school offers?

The truth is…

>Most schools are not using the most recent and effective research to teach students mathematics.

>90% of Big-Box-Tutoring companies are like Xerox machines. Just more of the same.

>Many tutors and therapists max out around 5th grade when it comes to intervention. They can’t help long-term.

More of the same school system

3 Ingredient Recipe for Math Success

systematic approach multisensory math


Our material follows a logical order. We start from basic to more advanced and also from what the student knows to the new information.
This leads to a strong foundation in mathematics.
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We use visual, auditory, kinestheic-tactile (VAKT) to make learning accessible to neurodiverse learners.
Our math specialists are experts in teaching students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and Math Learning Disability (MLD).

Safe Space

We strive to create an emotionally safe environment for our students. We connect with students so they feel safe to make mistakes and take risks.
We are consistent, nurturing, and sensitive to each student’s needs.
Made for Math Team 2021

Meet the Team!

We hire the best. All of our team members are passionate, highly certified educators that have been trained in the following:

  • How learning happens
  • Dyslexia, dyscalculia, and math learning disability
  • How to help with anxiety
  • Create an environment where the student can thrive

My son has NO STRESS surrounding math this year. If your child struggles significantly with math, you probably cannot even imagine what that is like. The professionals at Made for Math go above and beyond to help. This is not your average math tutor.

Rachel Cole

Mother of Student at MFM

How it Works


Pay Registration Fee


Teacher Assigned + Purchase Starter Kit

video conference

Assessment + Lessons Begin

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🚫 Who this is NOT for...

> Parents looking to move their child from a B to an A. Many of our students are 2+ grade levels behind.

> Those looking for homework help. We are intervention, we’re here to fill the holes.

> Parents looking for a quick fix. Progress takes time.

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✅ Who this is BUILT for...

> Students with a dyslexia, dyscalculia, or math learning disability (MLD)

> Those who need a non-traditional approach (hands-on)

> Students who struggle with math anxiety.

My son is doing great in math. He got another perfect score on his last math test, and I can see his confidence has grown leaps and bounds in math, and it had a spillover effect into other subjects. I think he has changed his view of himself as a student, for the better. 😀

From a student who couldn’t keep up, to a student who can excel if he puts the work in. It is lovely to see, and a great life lesson.

Diana Reck

Mother of Student at MFM

Samples from Actual Multisensory Math Tutor Sessions

Proof Multisensory Math Works!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are MFM Specialists?

MFM’s specialists are highly trained in mutlisensory math methods. None of our tutors are contractors with their own methodology.

All tutors are trained through a rigorous program for multisensory math and learn about the neurodiverse students we work with.

Many of our tutors have Master’s degrees or Ph.D.’s! They choose to work with us here because we truly do what works for students.

Meet the staff here.

Who do you serve?

We serve the following students:

3rd grade – high school students

The minimum age we accept is 9 years old.

So in a nutshell, we’ll work with your student! Our roots started in middle school but we’ve since expanded.

We provide intervention services to students with:

  • dyslexia
  • dyscalculia
  • ADHD
  • autism
  • math anxiety
  • math learning disability


Will the assessment cause my student anxiety?

We totally get that testing can make for a miserable experience. This is an informal assessment administered by our math specialist. They typically are game-based unless the student is older than 7th grade at which point the specialist will decide which assessment is best.

How long will it take for my student to get to grade level?

Great question. Many parents are worried about the length of commitment and how quickly they can see results. As with all things that require sweeping changes, there is no magic bullet.

It can take years before they reach grade level but usually, parents start to see results immediately.

  • Anxiety goes down.
  • Confidence increases.
  • Self-advocating begins to happen.

To give you a picture of what this looks like, a student typically works with us for several years before they start phasing out of our help. Students start earning the grades they’re looking for, speaking up for themselves, and even challenging a teacher’s thinking in class when they discover a different way of solving.

When a student starts coming to lessons with very few questions and feels confident they understand, we begin moving students into an “as-needed” basis.

Will you help with homework?

No, what we do is inherently different and more akin to intervention or therapy. We will not help your child stay afloat in their current math class.

We assess to find the gaps and start teaching the student where they are at as mathematics is a sequential progression. Holes must be filled before moving forward.

Where do the sessions take place?

All online using, a live-video platform that allows us to use several different types of software.

We’re multisensory, so don’t be fooled! We mail materials to your child to get hands-on learning in each time they work with us.

All materials are included and will be mailed to your home.

Is online tutoring safe?

Safety and quality service matters to us! All sessions are recorded to capture learning and keep students/specialists safe.

Students love having access to the recording to refer to during the week when they are not having lessons.

Families will have access to a portal to watch tutoring sessions, update your debit/credit card details, and access courses

Can we stop lessons once we start?

Absolutely. If your child is not “feeling it”, just let us know. We’ll walk you through how to stop. No refunds of unused sessions will be given. Notify us by email at

Monthly payments are the worst! Can we pay as we go?

No, our tuition model helps families plan for sessions. We don’t want our families to be surprised by a big bill ever!

Our tuition rates are based on the average amount of sessions used in one semester. We do have built-in holidays that coincide with most school calendars like Thanksgiving and Winter break.

Please don’t email and ask for an exception.

How long do students stay at MFM?

On average, our students stay for about 3 years. Many could leave sooner but like having our support as they continue in their math education. 

Our goal is the same as yours! We want independence and confidence in learning.