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Case Studies

These are stories about real students here at MFM.

Notice that we celebrate the small things that can’t be measured by any test!

All information shared was provided with permission from parents.

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Empowering Students with Down Syndrome: Caleb’s Story

Caleb’s Story about visiting Capital Hill, meeting congressional representatives, and advocating for Down Syndrome.

Case Studies

Multisensory Math Magic Helps This Student Soar!

No more crying and shouting during math homework for this family! Math was never Will’s favorite subject, but after Made for Math it’s enjoyable for him.

Multisensory Math Helps this Student with Dyslexia Ace Math Tests

Multisensory Math Helps this Student with Dyslexia Ace Math Tests!

Ethan hated math! He tried and tried to get it, but it just made him really frustrated! He struggled to understand and remember concepts. Accordingly, I felt like I had to come up with 57 different ways to teach a concept so that maybe one of them…

margo case study

Multisensory Math Surprised This Student!

Big box tutoring is frustrating! We have tried in person tutoring in the past. To be honest, getting someone to show up consistently has been a struggle, and the big box math tutoring companies (Sylvan, Kumon) do not have the personalized, conven…

ADHD and math

ADHD Doesn’t Stop this Cowboy from Learning

Cam had so many tutors in the past that were not helpful or able to teach the content where his ADD mind could understand. He would get extremely frustrated and shut down. We took a break for a while before trying to start again. He was adamant…

Growth mindest and multisensory math

Growth Mindset + Multisensory Math Helped This Student Shine!

Logistics played a big part. Finding time in our busy schedule to drive to one more thing was a concern. Comfort level played another big part. Being at home made it far more comfortable for my daughter. Her surroundings were familiar which I…

Ryan math and play

Math Shows Up in this Student’s Play

Ryan wasn’t understanding math the way it was being taught to him in school, mostly through verbal instruction, worksheets, and the computer program, and Prodigy. The school actually had a decent curriculum, but the teachers either weren’t trained in…