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Math Intervention: 1 Reason Why we don’t do ‘Homework Help’

Picture this: Your child has struggled with math from a very young age. They can’t remember simple math facts and you don’t understand why they have trouble comprehending directions and staying on task. They often say things like “I’m stupid” or “I suck at math”.

You’ve brought up your concerns to the school and they say “We’ll just wait and see what happens next year”. Next year comes and goes and your child is slipping through the cracks. Math homework involves tears, resistance, and takes several hours to complete.

Sadly, this is an all too familiar script for the parents who come to us for Math Intervention.

Tutoring vs Math Intervention

At Made for Math, we pride ourselves on our commitment to effective math instruction, but let’s set the record straight – we don’t do ‘Homework Help.’ Why? Because our passion lies in Multisensory Math Intervention and compassionate instruction!

🔍 Multisensory Math Intervention: Not Just Tutoring

Bolded and underlined – that’s how serious we are about it! Our method is rooted in the Orton-Gillingham Approach, making it beneficial for all students. This approach is direct, systematic, multisensory, and structured in a way to teach math to individuals who have never understood it before.

While often labeled as Multisensory Math Tutoring, we want to emphasize that we are specialists in Multisensory Math Intervention. Yes, we’re on a soapbox, and we’re proud of it!

Tutoring is often just that: Homework Help

Why We Don’t Do “Homework Help”

At MFM, we serve students who feel defeated in their math journey and parents who want something different than the average tutoring company.

We are Math Intervention, which means we aren’t looking for parents who simply want “homework help” or to change a B to an A. We work with students and parents who have been faced with repeated failure in their current math instruction. We don’t do “quick fixes”, we care too much!

What makes Made for Math fundamentally different?

What do we do here at Made for Math differently? We take your child’s foundational holes and we repair them, so they can go sailing on their way.

Check out this video from Operations and Math Specialist, Heather, on What Makes Made for Math Fundamentally Different:

Thinking Math Intervention is right for you and your family?

Take our QUIZ to see if Made for Math is made for you!

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