Multi-Week Classes

Is your child in need of a little “brushing up” in certain math topics? These multi-week classes are perfect for just that type of thing! 

We’re experts at online learning. We’ve been teaching students online since 2016 and we use the latest research to teach students math. These multi-week classes are catered around certain topics to help your child in the areas they may need a little more time on. 

Each class features:

  • Compacted time frames
  • Small group sizes of 4 – 8 students (individual lessons are available)
  • Access to the math specialist via email/text

Below you’ll see which classes are available. Additional classes will be added as demand increases until we fill all of our math specialists’ schedules.

 How to Sign Up

  • Click on the class
  • Pay the registration fee
  • Fill out the new student form
  • And you’re done!

Looking for Solo Lessons? Scroll to the bottom.

Multi-Week Classes

Fraction Class Pt 1

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Multiplication Math Facts Class

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Math Facts

Solo Lessons at MFM

This section is for solo lessons only. The information below does not apply to multi-week classes.

It’s for students who need one:one attention. Thank you!

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New Students


If you’re new to MFM, all students working with us will need to complete a comprehensive assessment before starting to work with a specialist. We have limited space for new students at this time. Please check with us on availability at