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The BEST EVER school planner for students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD

After investigating her son’s school planner, one parent remarked, ” (I am) very DISMAYED.”

This is not news. The executive function liabilities of our children + the increased workloads in secondary learning leave many children’s school planners looking like…








Other parents share a sense of constantly feeling, falling, or being left behind. Until it all piles up! To the point where our kids and families say…





We want our kids to be able to show up in life. At Made for Math, we empower kids to show up in the world of numbers, but what about planning, homework, and other subjects?

We are so excited to introduce you to one of our educational buddies! Order out of Chaos. It’s like we are cut from the same cloth. This company totally “gets” the kids we are privileged to serve at made for math. Although we strategically drill down into mathematics, we understand that our kids have lives outside of that, with other strengths, issues, and challenges! The least of which being homework, planners, and organization. Our kid’s school planners don’t have to be like this…





That’s where Order out of Chaos comes in. They give students an easy way to SEE time so they can learn to MANAGE it. We just adore their brand new planner!







Think Made For Math, but in the time management arena.

“IF your child can’t see their time or see what they have to do, they certainly are not going to be able to manage it. – Leslie Josel

Many students often feel defeated by their efforts in learning. We help by using empowering methods that unlock love for learning! With this big idea, our kids grow into confidence to learn into their own hands, fearLESS about the future learning obstacles! Yes, they have complex learning differences, and yes, they are also RISING to their highest potential. That’s why we are tickled to introduce you to award-winning gear that helps our kids, in Order out of Chaos’s words, “be on task, on time, and on track.”

Watch this sneak peek: This easy to use and functional school planner in less than two minutes

The brilliant and beautiful students that we serve often have struggled with executive function. This school planner from Order out of Chaos is designed with these students in mind! We’re getting organized!






Take a more in-depth look at the latest planners.

Let’s cut the clutter for the flourishing and flowering of our kids!

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Let’s tidy up together 🙂







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