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From the desk of Adrianne Meldrum, founder of MFM

? “I wasn’t planning on being THE teacher.” ?

Hey all!

Last week, Heather Brand and I met to discuss my Facebook live I was prepping. After struggling with tech due to all the people in the house being online…we shared a giant SIGH. We chatted about the upcoming school year for our children and I felt like Heather said it best, “I wasn’t planning on being THE teacher. I was prepared to support.”

Can I get an amen?

This is extremely true when you’ve got a child who is wired to learn differently. The instructions are too long to read and often not clear enough for your child to do the work independently. Their dyslexia may get in the way of true understanding because they mix up meanings of words (like my kiddo does). Their ADHD makes it impossible to not feel immediately overwhelmed when they open the PDF of work for the week because it’s… 38 pages long. No amount of coaching to take it one page at a time helps. Your child with ADHD only sees the giant packet of work.

Parents of differently wired children…WE SEE YOU!

As a team, we’ve organized our schedule so that we can help you get a percentage of your time back. AND so we can help your child close those gaps. This is the year to get your child closer to grade level as all children will be behind without help this year.

I thought the parents at Tilt would enjoy watching my short FB live I did this month all about the 5 Ways to Win at School During a Pandemic. 

If you’re interested in having us help you win this year, please check out our special offers for Tilt Parents.

All my best parents!

Adrianne Meldrum

Interested in Our “Done-for-You” Services?

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Visit these pages below to explore what multisensory math is and

how we can help your child have their best math instruction ever.

Group Tutoring Online

Homeschool Group Classes

These are NOT just for your typical homeschoolers. These are for public and private school students as well! It’s called dual-enrollment and we have families choosing this option every day.

Classes for 4th – 10th grade available.

Even if your child is several grade levels behind, that’s okay! We provide an in-depth assessment that gets your child in the right spot.

Click here to learn more.

Solo Tutoring Online

Solo Lessons

Interested in individualized attention? All of our lessons are taught online. We’ve been mastering our online teaching since 2016 and figured out how to make it work for our 2E students.

Spots for 3rd grade – young adult available. 

We mail all the materials to you and use the latest research in our lessons so that math starts clicking for your child.

Learn more by watching a demo lesson here.

Special Deal for Tilt Parenting!

Interested in receiving help? 

Use this coupon to get $50 off your in-depth assessment. All students attending homeschool group classes or solo lessons begins with an assessment.

Coupon Code: tilt

What is our new student process?

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Icons Schedule Assessment

Demo of

Multisensory Math

We want to make sure this is a good fit for all involved! Watch a demo class and we’ll discuss your child’s needs, show you how it works, and then leave it up to you to move onto the next steps. Sign up by tapping the links below.

Homeschool Demo

Solo Lessons Demo

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All of our students go through an in-depth assessment revealing your child’s strengths. Then your tutor is selected and times are selected. Learn more about the assessment here.

Icons Work With Teacher

Multisensory Math Starts

Lessons begin and all materials are mailed. All of us strive to be one of your child’s biggest advocates and help them achieve the results they are seeking.

Will multisensory math work for your child?

Run through this visual checklist. If your child struggles with any of these, then multisensory math is a good fit!


Math Resistant Child

If math has become a battle or homework is taking longer than 30 minutes, it’s time to bring in one of our coaches to teach your child how they best learn. Many of our students report feeling tremendous relief in the first 10 minutes!


Middle/High Schoolers

These years are the best to tackle math deficits. Waiting only deepens the problem and slows down progress. Our students experience rapid results and increased confidence! Multisensory math works even at the algebra level.


“Lazy” or “Unmotivated”

Are you hearing from the school your child is bright and smart, but lazy and unmotivated? We know that’s just NOT true! They haven’t been exposed to how their brain learns best which is through multisensory math.


Out of the Box Thinker!

Does your child have a knack for seeing the big picture? Do they seem to problem solve best when they are doing something? Are they excellent at building with their hands? Multisensory math is a great fit!

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IEP, 504s, RTIs

Does your child have a current intervention plan at the school to help with various learning needs? Multisensory Math can be the anchor to all learning at school as they continue up each grade.


Neurodiverse Thinkers!

We help student’s with differently wired braines! Such as 2E (twice exceptional), ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, processing disorders, sensory issues, and autism spectrum disorder