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Educating is what we do here at MFM! This includes parents and other educators. While we love teaching our students day in and day out, we have fun meeting with adults to share the good news of multisensory math. Join us!


Free Webinars on a Variety of Topics to Support Children with the Gifts of Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism

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Available Webinars

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Webinar: How Dyslexia Affects Math

Host: Adrianne Meldrum

Length: 51:55

We’ll cover how dyslexia can affect math. Dyslexia affects more than just the language processing in the brain. Let us show you how.

Webinar: Know the Signs of Dyscalculia

Host: Adrianne Meldrum

Length: 49:57

We’ll cover the signs of dyscalculia and also what can be done to help this student learn math for this brain wiring difference.