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Adrianne Small

Adrianne, Math Specialist

Adrianne worked with Brittany twice a week online for 1 hour.  She used multisensory math techniques to engage Brittany.

Brittany square

Brittany, 10th Grader

Brittany has been with us for quite awhile and we have seen her take great strides! She loves playing soccer and hanging with her family.

About this Student:

  • Name:  Brittany
  • Grade:  10
  • School:  Public
  • Struggles:  Math confidence, math concepts (these are a thing of the past!)
  • Strengths:  Contributing in math class, growth mindset
  • Soccer Diva 100% 100%
  • Dedicated Student 100% 100%
  • Growth Mindset 100% 100%

*Shared with permission from Brittany’s parents.

What problems was Brittany experiencing before you decided to try MFM?


Before we started my daughter had a C and was drowning in Algebra 1 by second trimester.


Why did you select MFM over regular tutoring available near you?

Logistics played a big part.  Finding time in our busy schedule to drive to one more thing was a concern.  

Comfort level played another big part.  Being at home made it far more comfortable for my daughter.  Her surroundings were familiar which I feel played a big part in helping her feel safe to ask questions and be herself.

I LOVE the online setting. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but it is fantastic!

Last year in middle school my daughter didn’t start school until 9am, so Adrianne meet with her twice a week before school.  My daughter could do it in her Jammie’s. We weren’t racing to get somewhere, sitting in an uncomfortable classroom. It’s right is the comfort of your own home.

I have 4 kiddos, so to be able to get that much attention for my daughter without running all over town was golden! Now with busy high school schedules, she meets in the evening after dinner.

Look at these awesome wins!! Check out these texts sent from Brittany and her mom:

IMG 8077
IMG 9444

Notice that Brittany applies her growth mindset.  She takes a test, looks at the feedback, and decides to do the retake offered to her.

She has changed the way she looks at getting math problems wrong!  Love it ?

IMG 6509
Image 1

How did Adrianne help Brittany to experience success like this?

Adrianne plans interactive lessons that focus specifically on what my daughter needs. We have given Adrianne access to our online text book so she knows what the exact learning targets are for my daughter. Adrianne communicates regularly with my daughter asking for photos of homework and exams so she can help my daughter with exactly what she is working on.

She has taught her how to carefully dissect a problem to break it down into simple steps. She has taught her to use different colored pencils to help break down the information in a visual way.  My daughter now uses this technique in her PreAP Chemistry class as well.

Adrianne shared a play list of “study music” to help her stay alert and focused.  My daughter uses it all the time and has even shared it with her siblings.

She has taught her skills to boost her confidence. She is kind and patient and has a great desire to keep working with my daughter until she is confident she truly understands.

And best of all, Adrianne is quick to laugh when she makes a little math mistake, showing my daughter it is okay, that none of us are perfect and a mistake isn’t the end of the world.


Here’s what Brittany’s teacher had to say about her progress:


IMG 0797 300x298 1




Watch what Brittany’s mom says at 0:42.



What are your goals for Brittany as he continues in her math studies?

Our biggest goal is for our daughter to be comfortable rather than intimidated by math.  She no longer hates it, in fact she says she enjoys math “the way Adrianne teaches it.”

She is confident and already talking about taking PreAP Calculus next year.  That is a huge accomplishment for a girl who as a 7th grader was ready to quit math all together.

*Update on Brittany*


Brittany is ROCKING it in math and has started working with our tutor Piper on chemistry.  She is such a great example of what we want every student to aspire to be:

  • sees failure as a means for learning
  • hard working
  • have a growth mindset
  • advocate for their needs

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