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Ruth, Math Specialist

Ruth works with cameron twice a week online for 45 minutes.  She uses multisensory math techniques to engage Cam.

Cameron Case Study

Cameron, 5th Grader

Cameron loves sports, is friendly and outgoing.  He’s discovering that math can be fun!

About this Student:

  • Name:  Cameron W.
  • Grade:  5th
  • School:  Public
  • Struggles:  ADHD
  • Strengths:  Fun loving and full of surprises!
  • Sports guy 100% 100%
  • Funny guy 90% 90%
  • Texan at heart 100% 100%

*Shared with permission from Cameron’s parents.

What problems was Cameron experiencing before you decided to try MFM?

Cam had so many tutors in the past that were not helpful or able to teach the content where his ADD mind could understand. He would get extremely frustrated and shut down. We took a break for a while before trying to start again. He was adamant he did not want to work with another tutor.

After convincing him to try one for a few sessions, he ended up frustrated and shut down again. Each day he fell further and further behind in math class while losing his confidence. We needed to think outside the box.

Why did you select MFM over regular tutoring available near you?

As his parents we knew the traditional tutor method would not work. He was so resistant from the beginning, we were already set up for failure. We had to get creative. My husband heard of the MFM program on the Tilt Parenting podcast.

He knew immediately it was something we had to try. We knew it was something we could get Cam to buy into.

It was a hit from the start!

He was engaged and focused which we had never seen from traditional in person methods.

How did Ruth help Cameron to experience small wins like this?


Ruth knew exactly how to teach to Cam’s brain. She knew all the tricks and all the methods to get him engaged. She used his interest, like sports, to show math concepts.


Little by little, starting from the ground up, she showed him how to solve problems in a way he understood. She celebrated the small wins along the way, building his confidence. Finally, he started realized he could do it.


Cameron’s teacher also sent us this message recently:


See how ADHD doesn't slow this cowboy down from doing math. [Case Study for Multisensory Math] madeformath.com/cameron

Even his teacher noticed a huge shift for Cameron.


Just wanted to show you that my favorite child not only multiplied a 3-digit by 2-digit number, he also neatly rewrote the products for the multiplication problems to add them (mostly) correctly!


I am keeping this photographic evidence! ~ Cameron’s 5th Grade Teacher


What are your goals for Cameron as he continues in his math studies?


Our goals for Cameron first and foremost are for him to realize he can solve math problems!


Before he was not even attempting because he was convinced he would not succeed, but now he actually tries and does succeed!

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Cowboy Cameron, that’s what we call him now.

We want him to continue building is confidence regarding math. He is about to enter middle school so we know the work will become a lot more challenging.


Our goal is to build a strong foundation for him now to succeed in the math as the years go on. We want him to know he has Ruth and the MFM staff on his team to help him in the years to come.


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