Multisensory Math

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How to be manipulative: 10 TOOLS (math manipulatives) every math student needs

How often are our children’s hands engaged with math manipulatives? Could the absence or underuse of great math tools be hindering our students? We at Made for math are descendants of Sagacious Multisensory Math Pioneers. One of which is Marilyn Zecher, who says, “when the hands are engaged, so is the attention.” In the spirit of the hands-on learning that connects with our kids, we’ve created a Top-10 list of math tools that we love!

The POWER of multisensory math intervention in only 3 minutes!

The POWER of multisensory math intervention in only 3 minutes!

What happens when an 8th grader performing at the 4th grade level in mathematics meets Made for Math? And then let’s say that same 8th grader moves from homeschool to public school and complicating the transition is this young man being dropped in a math class far above his level? See the power of multisensory math intervention in this 3-minute video by Adrianne Meldrum, founder, and CEO!

One BIG strategy for helping students with spatial awareness + 2 examples!

One BIG strategy for helping students with spatial awareness + 2 examples!

Do your students mix up + and -? When they see “x,” do they divide? What about large or sloppy numbers that spill over into other math problems? We are in the realm of visual processing here! In this 3-minute video, we give you ONE incredible tip with two illustrations. This will help EVERY child with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia! The tool featured in the video is one of our favorites, Bitpaper. It’s a collaborative whiteboard. This BIG strategy is actually easy and straightforward!

3 Strategies that will benefit every dyslexic student with directionality

Which direction do we go? Who has ever been lost? Trying to navigate a foreign city? In math class, our students can be no different. Many of our children wrestle with directionality. Our kids don’t have to be bewildered. In this 5-minute video by Adrianne Meldrum, CEO of Made For Math, you will find samples of other “directionality gear” that equips students!

5 Powerful interventions in 10-minutes! The world’s best introduction to Ratios

Order in the court! Don’t put the cart before the horse! Sequence matters! Especially with Ratios! 1:2 does not mean the same as 2:1! Order, order, order! Now for some profound existential questions: What if math learning could be fun again and maybe even discover that our kids were Made For Math? The short answer is: Yes and Yes!

Dirty Dozen: Executive functioning & the 12 math homework barriers!

Dirty Dozen: Executive functioning & the 12 math homework barriers!

Did you know that there are 12 imposing barriers students face when turning in their homework? It’s a dirty dozen made even more potent when our kids feel unsuccessful the entire time they are trying to complete their work. In this 6-minute video, we identify all 12 hazards and give you the gear to get over the walls! It is all about executive functioning and homework. We have four tips that will instantly help your child out of the math mayhem.

Money JOKES: 3 PERFECT exercises to help students MAKE CENTS of coins

Do coins make cents to our kids? More than piggy banks and gumball machines, our 7-minute math lesson dives into coins! Including 3 money activities with super-powers hidden within each! Also, a special shout out to Pam Harris of Mathisfigureoutable for one of the interactive exercises!

The LUCKY division lesson for beginners in just 10 minutes

Has the concept of division left your child feeling “broke down?” Tipping over your cauldron of gold at the end of the rainbow? Stuck in them muck and hoping for a lucky charm? Does a 4th-Century Irish Saint have anything to say on this topic? Leprechauns and four-leaf clovers don’t help. But this 10-minute lesson will!