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Shirag Shemmassian helps high-achieving high school students get into Harvard, Stanford, and other top colleges. He received his B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA.

I’m excited to dive into the discussion with you about shrinking those high costs to something more manageable for families…Good news! It’s easier than you think!

We’ll cover:

  • 2 reasons to think about college in the middle school years
  • How to help your child stand out from the crowd in the admissions process
  • Which clubs and extracurricular activities matter the most (and it’s not what you think)
  • Common misconceptions of how schools select scholarship applicants
  • How to lower the cost of college to ZERO

Grab Shirag’s must-have items from the show notes:

Read:  How Any Extracurricular Activity Can Get You Into College

Download:  The Ultimate Guide to Applying and Winning College Scholarships

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Adrianne Meldrum

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How to Shrink the Cost of College
How to Shrink the Cost of College 1