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Basic Math Operations

Add – Subtract – Multiply – Divide

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The LUCKY division lesson for beginners in just 10 minutes

Has the concept of division left your child feeling “broke down?” Tipping over your cauldron of gold at the end of the rainbow? Stuck in them muck and hoping for a lucky charm? Does a 4th-Century Irish Saint have anything to say on this topic? Leprechauns and four-leaf clovers don’t help. But this 10-minute lesson will!

Subtraction Secrets: How to subtract without regrouping

Inspired by Dr. Raj Shah, at a conference for the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics), lace up your boots, set out into the fierce wilderness of working with numbers flexibly! Bucking the establishment…can you feel a subtraction revolution?

The 10-Minute TURKEY Division that will benefit EVERY KID!

M & Ms, Brownies, and TURKEYS share the stage with essential vocab, like “remainders.” As Math Specialist, Matthew gently introduces Division with a multitude of manipulatives, carefully crafted language, and isolated math facts. All are woven together for the cause of our kid’s THANKSGIVING in regards to Division!

Customary Units (US)

Does your child have a hard time grasping customary units? It can be a very frustrating concept to understand. Here's a little different way to learn customary units. It may just be the thing your child needs. We offer all online math services featuring the...

Long Division with Sequence Buttons

    Long division is a taxing topic for many students from all the steps to aligning the numbers to grasping when they'll ever use this! Join Adrianne as she shows you the long division sequence buttons and how they aid memory to remembering the steps for...

Array Multiplication and the Tie to Higher Level Math

    Area multiplication models or array models that are taught in early grade levels are crazy valuable when you start working with polynomials and factoring. See how Adrianne builds the bridge from lower levels of math to polynomial factoring. We offer all...

Mental Math with the Distributive Property

    One skill that our students need to excel now in the elementary years and into their high school years is mental math and using the distributive property. Join Adrianne as she talks about the skills that can be taught in the early school years and how...