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Tuesday Multisensory Math Videos

Coins & Kids: 6-Minutes lesson +  3 FREE activities!

Coins & Kids: 6-Minutes lesson + 3 FREE activities!

What do you hope for your child when they leave the nest? When the time comes to lovingly toss them into the world, to spread their wings, what do you hope for them? Happiness Health To be loved What about some financial stability?What about money sense? Financial...

The LUCKY division lesson for beginners in just 10 minutes

 Forget the "luck of the Irish," 4-leaf clovers, leprechauns, or even this cute little St. Paddy Kitty!           Nothing works! Absolutely nothing has been able to help our kids out of the "broke down" feeling when it comes to Division! Have...

POWERFUL Visuals to help you find the Percent of a number

“I watch helplessly as my child’s love for learning slowly DETERIORATES, retreats, and utterly stagnates. I want a boost! I want us to move forward with math, or at least to stop going backward!” Isn’t it burdensome, as a parent, to watch our kids slide in math?!...