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Online Math Classes Taught By Experts!

We’ve mastered teaching online. Our students work in real-time with a multisensory math specialist meaning it’s hands-on and online! Every student receives a box of materials to use in each lesson.

Options Available

Multi-week/ Math topic GROUP Classes:

We have dual enrollment students that attend public/private school but use MFM as the lead math teacher.

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Solo Lessons:

Great for students who need individualized attention. Parents are selecting this to replace their current homeschool structure or to supplement remote learning at their public/private school.

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Watch the FB Live!

In this FB Live, we talk about 5 ways you can WIN at doing school during a pandemic. These tips are ones that I use everyday with my children. It isn’t problem free but stress is lower because of these tips!

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Tuesday Multisensory Math Videos

The 10-Minute TURKEY Division that will benefit EVERY KID!

SWEET DIVISION. Two words not often wed together. Especially when the concept of Division gives grief versus goodies to many of our kids. When we think about the most profound questions our kids are facing, they include: Who am I? How can I get more screen time? What...

How to Graph Inequalities: 3 easy STORIES

Want to conjure confusion upon the faces of your children? These four words: “One Dimensional Inequality Graphing.” Want to agitate the complete lostness? Allude to cats named after King Arthur’s tales, are the PURR-fect teachers for Inequality graphing! Let me...

How to find the volume: 2 EASY steps (+Freebie)

How to find the volume: 2 EASY steps (+Freebie)

It was early March 2020 when Brittany (my wife) emphatically said, "Today, I'm getting Bunnies!!!" This wasn't the ordinary "Bunny-itis" I was accustomed to as a father of three. No. This was a unique and powerful strand of "Give me bunny's or give me death!"—a tidal...