Multisensory Math

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Three REAL LIFE transformations on a coordinate plane

“(math is) confusing for both of us.” When it comes to geometry homework, this sentiment is completely understandable! Would you like to transform your family’s relationship to math? Brittany’s Transformations on the coordinate plane lesson has the answer!

Here’s a QUICK & HILARIOUS way to subtract negative integers

Our students are ever-so-deeply accustomed to the experience of being flung into the depths of mathematical nonsense, thinking to themselves, “What’s wrong with me?” Join us as we LAUGH & SUBTRACT! Jim Carrey and a multisensory approach to subtract negative integers!

How to DRAW expanded notation in five minutes! (+ FREEBIE)

“I’m afraid my child is falling behind.” “I hate to see my daughter losing her love for learning.” “I wish my son could have fun with math.” Is there a way to pump the brakes and stop the perpetual downhill slide? Yes! And it is today’s video on how to draw expanded notation! In a short, sweet, and empowering five minutes! Click “play” on this video and hit “Pause” on the old story that was full of school shame, multiplying tears, and subtracting joy!

SLOPE of a line, according to THE SPECIALIST (+FREEBIE)

Black diamonds, ski slopes, and the slope of a line! It’s wintertime, the powdery slopes are open, and it is the perfect season to delve into a line’s slope! In less than eleven minutes, you will know how to find the slope of a line!

How to solve percent proportions in 12 minutes

How to solve percent proportions in 12 minutes

50% off! Sales, discounts, and Black Friday’s afterMATH. Gather yourselves. There are lessons here for present and future shoppers. Who else wants a deal? Here it is, and it’s absolutely free. Claim it here in today’s “Solving Percent Proportions” lesson.

The 10-Minute TURKEY Division that will benefit EVERY KID!

M & Ms, Brownies, and TURKEYS share the stage with essential vocab, like “remainders.” As Math Specialist, Matthew gently introduces Division with a multitude of manipulatives, carefully crafted language, and isolated math facts. All are woven together for the cause of our kid’s THANKSGIVING in regards to Division!

How to find the volume: 2 EASY steps (+Freebie)

How to find the volume: 2 EASY steps (+Freebie)

Turn up the volume! What do rabbits and a 4-minute video teach us? Volume matters. I don’t have to expect my students to appreciate all the ways they’ll use Volume in the future. However, I can give them the fun, thoughtfully-paced, visual instruction that Amy demonstrates in today’s lesson.